brantley black
brantley black
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ROUNDING THIRD - role of DON, Little Fish Theatre
"Wow! of the, colorful performances...there's no denying the talent of both actors...Don's bravado masks a character undergoing considerable inner turmoil, which Black plays with touching honesty. ...fall in love with ROUNDING THIRD."
- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA
"A good summer choice...intriguing...funny, with all sorts of humor...Herculean in stature...all sorts of comic moments, which had the audience in stitches!"
- James Scarborough, HUFFINGTON POST
"ROUNDING THIRD is a home charming...two perfect actors for these two roles...a comic revelation. Brantley Black is Don, the coach who wants his team to win every game and the championship, and he looks the part. He's a big man with grizzled hair, rippling with muscles and a fierce drill-sergeant demeanor. He is uncompromising at first, but slowly reveals a softer, if still gruff, side of his personality. He's tough and intends to remain tough, but hides something a bit different."
Biloxi Blues - role of Toomey, Long Beach Playhouse
"A real standout...a younger and handsomer Harvey Keitel with that actor's intensity."
- Marchelle Hammack, BEACHCOMBER
"Black turns out a darker but equally well-rounded portrayal...But his character's uptight persona--the hilarious focus of many scenes--never becomes a crutch or stereotype...That's the kind of subtlety that makes a Simon work so memorable."
- Kristina Mannion, BACKSTAGE WEST

"Black contributes more than his share of the play's immense energy in his superb portrayal..."

- Vicki Paris Goodman, THE SIGNAL TRIBUNE
Doing Judy - role of Lucky, Matrix
"Screamingly hilarious!...Riotously funny!...Terrific performances!...A heck of show!"
Orgasms, The Play - role of Adam, Madrid
"Brilliantly refreshing!...Brawny and well-cast!...Lovable dunderhead!..,Laugh-filled!...Unforgettable!"
- Susan Sherman, LA TIMES